Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 49 – From Little Falls, NY to Lathem, New York – 79 miles

Today was so great! We followed a river all day long and even spent over 30 miles on a bike trail along the river – I couldn’t take enough photos of the beauty! It was sooo nice to be away from traffic and have the serenity of just nature surrounding me – we went by a few Locks and it was cool to see them. We also went through Amish country again - didn’t see as many Amish but a few and signs for them on the road.

Oh and good news – my butt is sooo much better – the key was Neosporin! I put on Neosporin last night and it almost healed everything overnight. I felt no discomfort today, though I am still trying to heal the sores completely. My cough is still there occasionally and sounds pretty bad when I cough but my sore throat is gone and I think the cough is actually getting better. I feel better able to breathe. All and all – I am on the mend and doing well. I have the Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge Century about 3 days after I get home so I want to be well and able to do it!

Also, everyone enjoys anything comfy on their butt after a long ride – see John’s photo of sitting on a nice thick pillow while waiting for route rap – AHH!! Couldn’t have captured the moment better – nice!

There is much talk of the last few days and a countdown going on. Though its natural to discuss our plans for the end, it still saddens me to hear about the end coming so soon. This trip has gone by so fast! I wish I could just hold onto every moment and enjoy every moment because it will be gone so quick. I am glad so many of you have enjoyed reading my blog - also, thanks for all the advice and comments you have put up - it has been so motivating for me!


Jalyn said...

Have a great ride the rest of the way, we are all behind you and are so excited that you got the most out of this journey. I can't wait to talk to you all about it once you have completed it. Love you

Anonymous said...

Dear Audrey, You are so correct. There may not be anything to beat this birthday, but there will be ones as great that will equal it. You will make sure of that. :)

I know you've been gone a long time. All good things must come to and end. Unfortunately, reality has to slip in somewhere. LOL

It will be nice to get home too. A century in three days? You should get into racing or something and make some money doing what you love to do.

It's so great reading how much you love every day and viewing the wolrd and experiences through your eyes. Very delightful!
Maybe I'll come to Santz Cruz next weekend. I don't think you will have to practice for the century ride. LOL Is that on Saturday? Call me when you get back. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear about your trip. Heck, I've been READING about your trip in detail but I just want to see you sweetie.
Much love,
Aunt Joyce