Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 48 – From Liverpool, New York to Little Falls, New York – 79 miles

What a humid day! I think I was sweating even when I was off the bike. So, my angel today was LANACANE – it numbs you and allows you to keep riding when your raw butt isn’t too happy with it. I made it through most of the day without too much pain but the last 30 minutes, I stood up much of the way and sometimes even rode sideways on my seat. I finally got my IPOD stereo system working so I was able to have some good tunes to listen to as I cycled along. I also enjoyed a lot of time in the silence, since it nice not to always have noise. I even listened and did a meditation on the bike… very nice.

The route today was mostly flat and felt like it went pretty quick. We passed by many creeks and often ran into the Erie Canal Trail. We even passed by the smallest chapel in the world – it only has room for 2 people – I didn’t get a chance to go in cause its on a swampy pond but got a photo with it! I had lunch at Subway with Kip and Danny. I got into the hotel before 2pm and got out of my bike shorts ASAP and took a shower and put desitin on my booda! I think I am going to try Neosporin tonight – Lanacane, Desitin, and Neosporin – one of these products should work! My throat doesn’t hurt as much and I think the congestion in my chest is clearing up! Good news all around J

I enjoyed a peaceful afternoon and we all did laundry or hung out and had a beer (or two or three... depending on who you are!). I left a message for my nephew, Ricardo Luke, today since it’s his birthday – I didn’t get to talk to the birthday boy but I hear he is having a swim party – how fun! I am sad to miss out on his 2nd b-day but I am sure they are all celebrating well!

Tonight we have social hour with free drinks at 5pm – yippee! That is always fun. I was actually talking to Sue today about how I have really mixed feelings about the trip ending. Of course, I will love to see everyone at home but I will also really miss this trip, the people, and this life of riding. I have gotten really use to this routine – I feel sad and happy thinking about the change – life will be so different when I get home.


Unknown said...

I'll bet that Horsnyder Pharmacy has the perfect welcome home gift: a doughtnut shaped pillow. I've got mixed feelings to about not continuing to read about your biking adventure. You go, girl!

Jalyn said...

I am glad I got to talk to you, sorry I am so busy with finishing up classes! I look forward to getting together for Thanksgiving, and who knows maybe all over again around Christmas! I am glad your trip went well and who knows what the next adventure will be that you get into. Love you, enjoy the finish.

Unknown said...

Greetings my dear,
Yes, I agree with lawrence, alot of us will enjoy reading of your
daily adventures - you have a delightful writing style.

Will look forward to having lengthier conversations at home...meeting for coffee etc.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey: I have been following this trip because I participted with Alan Ferriday and Fred Bradshaw on three other trips. Looking for a solution for saddle soreness. Years ago I rode with a guy who each morning slatered the crotch of his riding shorts with a gooy mess called Bag Bomb. Before automated milkers, is supposedly was used to facilitate manual milking. Most people I know snicker when we even talk about it. I don't know if it is still available but I would guess that anything that reduces the friction might help. See, now you are smart like me. Just kidding. Good luck on the remainder of your trip.