Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 50 – From Latham, New York to Brattleboro, Vermont – 86 miles

I think Vermont might be my favorite state so far. It is absolutely beautiful! We had some hill climbing today as we went over the Green Mountains – the climbing wasn’t hard at all and was a welcome joy for me – I really like climbing, especially since you get to see such beauty usually when you are climbing. The mountains surrounding us were very green! All the towns we went through were cute and quaint and very touristy. It was also sooo humid out today - I was soaking wet all day from it - intense! We also passed the AT (Appalachian Trail) and that brought back some great memories.

At the first sag stop, Skip waited for me and we road together with Don to the Vermont State Border and then into the town of Old Bennington. We were greeted by what I call the “Dr. Seuss House” – super cool, huh? We went off the route and through the town of Old Bennington – it’s a cute town with a really large monument that would have been worth going up in if the day was clear. There are also many covered bridges and so we went and saw one (photo on the right is of me INSIDE the covered bridge). Old Bennington is rumored to have the most expensive college in the USA at over $68,000 per year – and that’s only undergrad! Wowzers!

Don rode quickly up the mountains and Skip stayed back with me… I love to climb but I am not that fast. We had ice cream cones in the town of Wilmington, another cute touristy town. At least I was able to find some postcards in these towns – it hasn’t been so easy along the route – I think people don’t really send postcards much anymore! So much for that idea of sending a postcard to my niece at every stop – I have searched and scouted out as many as possible… I am sure in another 40 years people might not even know what a postcard is… hahaha!

We entered the town of Brattleboro and went over a bridge to see the Connecticut River… and we ended up entering New Hampshire! Three states in one day… started in New York, rode through Vermont, and rode into New Hampshire. I didn’t realize New Hampshire was quite so close… I know we ride into it at some point tomorrow but I think we ride a bit north before going into our last state. I do plan to continue on an extra few miles to also hit Maine but our official stopping point is Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

That’s about it today – just amazing beauty, amazing mountains, and amazing company – Skip is always great company! This trip is so fun that I find myself slowing down and wanting to take in as much of it as I can before its over.


Jalyn said...

Hooray New Hampshire!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost finished! Isn't the northeast beautiful, hopefully you will be able to come back and hike or camp it!

Unknown said...

The scenery is beautiful and as you noted green hills like those of Ireland...not exactly the golden state.
Any special thoughts for dinner in San Jose Wed. evening...gosh I bet you are even more tan than in St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

Portsmouth NH that is the bridge I take going from Boston to Saco ME. I bet the blueberries are perfect right now. If you feel lucky get a tri-state lottery ticket.
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

What a journey! Soak it up and enjoy yourself. The gloriousness of this trip is only the precursor for what lies ahead; the mystery of what will come next in life!!
Love Ani