Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 46 From Hamburg, New York to Canandaigua, New York – 100 miles

Today was definitely interesting. We started out the day getting lost due to road work but finally made it back on the right route. About 10 miles into the ride, we stopped at a Bicycle Museum, which was sooo interesting! It included about an hour tour and, as with many museums, there was so much information that it was hard to absorb it all. However, it was very informative about the invention of the bicycle. Due to this detour, we ended up just missing the large rain downpours which some of our faster riders or those who didn’t go to the museum got in. I had my camera in a plastic bag for the rest of the day since the rain seemed like it would eventually pour . . . but no rain for me today (some of the riders actually got caught in a hailstorm… wowzers… all within a days ride!). The forecast was for sunny skies so this was quite a surprise to all of us.

Anyway, it’s funny that Lawrence commented about getting sick due to swimming in Lake Erie, since my throat hasn’t felt so great and I feel a little congested. I ended up getting some medicine this afternoon that should help.

Just for those of you who care, like me, this is my 6th century in 7 days – YAHOO! On another note, in order to make some extra miles today, I rode along the lake here in Canandaigua. The lake is one of many Finger Lakes of Lake Erie. I counted 12 Finger Lakes on the map. It is absolutely beautiful here – definitely a lake town. I noticed that every town we have gone through in PA and NY have ice cream shops in the towns, even when there is nothing else… umm.. Interesting! Ice cream must be big here.

Another random thing, I am excited to use my new ipod speakers for my bike but haven't been able to figure it out yet - found out that I need something different for my water bottle cages so I got directions to a cycle shop and Syracuse for tomorrow and will pick it up when I get there and then I will have a stereo system on my bike - sweet! Thanks mom :)

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DCDierking said...


You are such an inspiration! I am once again looking at long distance tour rides with interest!

How are your hands doing? Are they better with the new gloves?

Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear the stories about this fantastic adventure when you get back to Santa Cruz.

Take care,