Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 45 – From Erie, Pennsylvania to Hamburg, New York – 103 miles

The ride today was along Lake Erie most of the way – it was really pretty with vineyards everywhere. I really felt like I was at home. Lake Erie looks like an ocean when you look out – you can’t see land. I spoke with some locals at a marina that we stopped at and they said that the border control comes through there a lot and they aren’t allowed to allow any Canadians off at their port. They said ever since 911 the USA has gotten really strict because supposedly the 911 attackers came from over the border of Canada. The border between the USA and Canada is in the middle of Lake Erie... That’s so neat! The locals also said there were many sightings of bald eagles in the direction we were going – so I was on the lookout… but never saw one.

Anyway, I passed through another state and now am in New York – only two more states to go! I can’t believe it. I feel like soaking up all I can because it’s going to be over so soon! I am having the best time.

Today was incredible! The route sheet was only an 81 miler but I decided to do some exploring and finished at 103. I had sooo much fun – it reminded me of being at home and exploring with Annie or Claire… I enjoyed it so much. Danny joined me, which was great, because it is much more fun to explore with someone else. We took side trips through some towns, through parks, and ultimately found our way to the beach of Lake Erie and I just had to jump in! The beach was closed but I used the line “but I biked all the way from San Francisco JUST to swim in Lake Erie and you are telling me that the beach is closed to swimming?” I got a lot of “NO WAY – so cool dude…” hahaha… it was a blast. Danny and I even got our photo taken by two EMTs who were quite impressed with the accomplishment of making it to NY from CA… I guess it is pretty cool. Anyway, I did end up being able to swim in Lake Erie… it is quite warm actually… I was expected a cold rush of water but it was really nice and warm… like a lukewarm bath – it was awesome. We survived our way through the crowded streets with lots of traffic back to the hotel and we were dry by the time we got there! We tried to take side streets that were residential but they were all dead end streets… so much for that!

Anyway, our adventure day lasted until 5pm and then I had to do laundry since I am all out of biking clothes… the closest laundry mat was 4 miles away so I got a quick shower, got a taxi, and had my clothes back and dinner was near the laundromat so I walked over there afterwards. I made it just as the vans were pulling up to drop off the other riders. It was quite a whirlwind day. I got home from dinner at a Chinese Buffet – not my favorite at all – at 8pm and then went straight to bed. I was totally exhausted – in a great way! Life is sooo good J


Anonymous said...

Congrats Audrey! You made it to NY! wow very impressive!


Unknown said...

Love to read about your happy days. July 16 sounded like one of the best days of the trip so far. I wouldn't brag about swimming in Lake Erie. Hope you didn't catch anything. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday…okay I’m a horrible cousin, I’m two days late with the birthday wish. Although it appears you did not need a “have a good birthday” from me, as I see it was fabulous. What a life experience! Congrats on making all the way to N.Y., I can hardly believe it.
Love Ani

Unknown said...

Hi Audrey,

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you are enjoying the East Coast. Cannot believe you are almost done. You are just incredible. Looking forward to catching up soon.