Friday, June 13, 2008

Goodbye to Fellow Riders

Well, as we journey onto Colorado, 4 of our riders have left to head home. We have many people who are doing sections of the cross country journey because it is hard to get a full 2 months off work and responsibility at home. Also, we have about 9 (not sure how many yet, I haven't met them) new ones joining us on this next section, labeled the Rockie Moutain Tour. I am going to especially miss, Charlie, who has such a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed my time getting to know him. He is going to met up with us as we pass through some other towns to say hello. I look forward to seeing him again (pictured here).
So far all our riders who are riding the whole way are healthy and doing well. No one is near dropping out but I think we all are looking forward to exploring more of the USA together. I am feeling at home with everyone now and am feeling comfortable and connected! It's like having a family away from home. It's fantastic.


Unknown said...

Hey Girl! I have been on a crazy busy business trip to Chicago all week and haven't checked the blog until this morning. I caught up! While you were riding the windy lonely roads of Nevada and coming into Salt Lake City, I was working at a conference inside a huge industry trade show... boring! Even though I stood all day from 8-7pm I was dying to run at night along Lake Michigan. I don't understand how other people don't work out! Keep writing and keep riding!

Love, Chels

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey,

I love your descriptions of the ride and your exhilaration! I bet its beautiful. I'm glad you got a day off with Becky. It was fun to see your picture together. What a wonderful thing to be doing with your summer. You are unstoppable!

Love, Janet

Unknown said...

Did the Los Gatos Creek Trail with friend John and thought of you. After 16 miles round trip I didn't have the energy to get up the final short uphill. Had to rest 10minutes until I could walk my bike up that little hill. Pooped. So I really admire your energy. You go, girl.