Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 12 From Salt Lake City, Utah to Provo, Utah - 70 miles

Today was another awesome day - we did have a bit of a headwind but it wasn't too strong so it was doable without too much strain. I spent the majority of the day riding with Sue, Lynda (her friend who is riding with us til Pueblo), and Tom. We also met up with a larger group of riders in time for a nice lunch in Pueblo and a detour of the town of Pueblo and Brigham Young University (located here in Pueblo, the library is pictured here). I also enjoyed a Hogi Yogi (a great frozen yogurt shop) and bike riding through and around the downtown area (thus the ride was an extra 6 miles longer than the planned 64 mile ride). I had a lot of energy and could have kept riding. I love to ride!

Today was the hottest day we have had yet - not too hot but it was in the 80s in Provo. Gary (pictured) shows how tan we all are getting - Gary is a great guy and so funny. He is new to biking but his wife, Deb, who is also here has done a cross country tour before. He has adjusted quick to the biker lifestyle and has the tan lines to show it!

The new people on the ride are pretty nice - there are 4 new women and 3 new men. There is a brother, Joe, and sister, Rose (both from Ohio), and two women friends from Pennsylvania, Diane and Jude, and Sue's friend, Lynda (mentioned above who lives in Colorado), Mark (from Douglasville, Georgia) and Ernst (I haven't really met him yet and am not sure where he is from).

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