Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 12 Rest Day in Salt Lake City, Utah

This was the best rest day! My good friend, Becky, who moved to Idaho about 2 or so years ago met up with me and my riding group yesterday afternoon and we had the evening and the day together today. We went to our favorite restaurant last night that we use to always go to together in California, Souplantation (we actually always went to Fresh Choice but its the same thing) and we had time to talk, catch up, and just spend time together. It was a blast! There is nothing better than getting to spend time with a close friend, especially when we hadn't seen each other in years.

So my rest day wasn't much of a rest day but was very fun. I woke up early and was excited to throw on my running shoes (which just arrived in the mail from my mom when I got into Salt Lake City - I was super excited) and I went for a 7 mile jog - I haven't ran in months but I felt like a million bucks! It was nice to be running as the sun was rising over the snow covered mountains while I listened to my favorite music on my IPOD and just felt the greatness of feeling my body run!

I came back to the room at 8am to find Becky and my roommate awake. Becky and I went to explore Salt Lake City together and just catch up as we walked around the city. We had a tour of the Mormon tabernacle or temple square or something like that... we did a full tour (about 30 minutes) where the missionaries told us about the Mormon faith. It was interesting to learn more about. I don't know much about being Mormon but heard all about the Mormon culture from Becky - and it certainly is a DIFFERENT culture and something I am not too familiar with though I did learn enough to know the Mormon religion is rather exclusive. However, they have some family values that I really respect. The temple square was amazing and gorgeous and I feel like I learned a lot by being able to take that tour (and I went on a tour about their family values also which was very interesting).

We ended up seeing most of the city - we saw the Capitol building, a country concert at a local park, a mall for lunch, and ended the day sitting down to watch the movie, Sex and the City. We came back to the motel for a glass of wine and our goodbye. It was so nice to see Becky and to spend the day with her in Salt Lake. I couldn't have asked for a better rest day (or a less restful one!) :)

I must admit I am very excited to get out and ride more of Utah tomorrow - I love being on my bike!


Unknown said...

I thought I was going to get some rest on our rest day, too, but aftr reading about your seven mile jog, I'm exhausted. Glad you enjoyed your day off. Please take care of sheilding your nose tomorrow. How about a couple of bandaids over it. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey! I had a blast! I was so excited to see you. Where is my video? lol! I feel honored to have made the blog. I got home safe, just took longer. I am exhausted because you wear me out even on your rest days! Well, I will talk to you soon.

Audrey Leonard said...

Hey Beck,

I have never spent so much time trying to upload a damn video - I have spent a total of at least 2 hours with errors each time. I finally read through a troubleshooting and got it up and running now - cause I love the video and wanted it on my blog!

I am glad you are home safe. I already miss you :)


Audrey Leonard said...

Hey Lawrence,

It is soo good to hear you out there reading my blog so dedicated - I know my rest day wasn't much of one.. but it was fun and worth it! I did get really burnt riding into Salt Lake and will be sure to put on sunscreen today!

I love hearing from you - thanks for commenting - it lets me know you are out there! I hope you are enjoying the videos too... super fun!

:) Audrey

Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey,
Just spent the hour catching up on the days that I missed reading your blog. My mom and sister came to visit this past week and then kept me pretty busy, but it was fun! I am so happy you got to see Becky! I tried calling your phone today and left a message. I will keep trying you until we connect! Love you!