Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 11 From Wendover, NV to Salt Lake City Utah - 117 miles

We made it to Utah - yipee! Well, what can I say? Another day of tailwinds and some of the most spectular scenary I have seen! We saw the Salt Lake and the mountains surrounding the lake with snow still on top on some of them! I rode today with a small group for half the way and then took off on my own to ride my own pace and in my own rhythm, which was really nice. The ride only took about 6 hours and 16 minutes and was just beautiful. I felt great and strong, though my butt still hurt - I am starting to get a little chaffing so its good that we have a rest day tomorrow.

I did see quite a sight today - a man in a speedo on the side of the road who was really ripped and was being photographed by two women. As I was riding up (alone) I wasn't sure why there was a half naked guy on the side of the road... then I noticed he was being photographed... oh wow! I wish I had got a photo of that one. No one else saw that man so I can't get a photograph from them... I was so shocked that I didn't know what to do until I passed it.


Unknown said...

Figued it out. You averaged 18 mph for 107 miles. That's hauling! Do you have planned rest stops during the ride? You go, girl!

Audrey Leonard said...

Awesome! I did 117 miles today in 6 hours and 16 minutes - the tailwind had me flying! I am really not that fast. We do have planned rest stops along the way for food, water, and the restroom. I usually stop every 20-30 miles or so for something (rest or food or a butt break!) This ride is a blast!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aud,
I just love your blog. It is so bright and the sky is so blue. The tail wind sounded great and refreshing...How warm is it? The half naked guy...I told dad maybe it was a mirage...a good laugh.
Dad says HI and today I'll be with the grand kids...having fun and a nap I hope.