Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 3 From Sacramento to Auburn

Today's ride was yet again beautiful and the weather was very nice. We only rode 51 miles since this is our last stop before we go up and over Donner's Pass (yum...)! We enjoyed a nice basically flat bike path for most of the morning along the American River (just gorgeous) until we reached Folsom Lake (see the picture of the biker women at Folsom Lake - myself, Amy (who is here with her husband, John), and Sue, my roomie). I rode and chatted away with my roommate, Sue, most of today. She is a pretty amazing person - we chatted about Tanzania, since we have both been there, and she climbed Mt. Kili about 3 years ago (still a dream of mine). Many of the riders are world travelers and have great stories of different places and different adventure sports they have done there. We enjoyed a nice long lunch again since the day was short one. I had a nice rest this afternoon as we gear up for a long climb tomorrow (it will be the hardest day of the entire trip - yipee!).

So, every evening we have "route rap" where we go in detail over the next day's route. I have state maps so I can orientate myself to where we are going each day - which is great. Then, we head over to dinner as a group somewhere (tonight is Sizzler's). We also have a maintence hour where the maintence man will help us with any bike issues - it sometimes is in the afternoon and other times in the evenings. When we arrive at the hotel, there is a board that tells us what time and where route rap is, what time and where maintence hour is, what time and where dinner is, and what time we load in the morning and what time we have breakfast in the morning - it is a pretty nice system.

After dinner, we get ready for the next day, update our blogs, make any phone calls, read, meditate, and then head to bed earlier. We typically leave between 6-8am, depending on how long of a ride we have the next day. We have a loading time, a breakfast time, and then we can departure after both of those things. Well, off I go to route rap to learn about the hardest day of the ride that comes up tomorrow ----- I am really excited about it (oh and my knee is feeling better... keep those positive thoughts and prayers coming!!).


Beck4short said...
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Beck4short said...

You crack me up! Oh, only 51 miles. Piece of cake. Yeah right! lol! It was nice talking to you today. I am back to bed. This giardia is kicking my butt. 7 and a half days until I see you in Salt Lake City!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey Leonard said...

Yes, I believe mileage is all relative! I hope you start to feel better soon... I can't wait to see you in Salt Lake City - YAHOO!

Love Ya, Aud

schneider said...

If the Donner climb is your hardest day you've got some serious mile slogging ahead of you. Piece of cake. Have fun and spin easy on that knee!!

Unknown said...

Audrey! Keep the posts coming, they are great. I am still so in awe of you... my Ironman bike seems kinda pathetic now! I am going to be in Tennessee in July... any chance you will be there? I'll hunt you down!

columbus said...

Audrey! You are awesome!
I hope today's ride was a piece of cake and you are out dancing tonight!

juliavdw said...

After all these comments, I hope you can go get a piece of cake!
The scenery around Auburn is so intensely beautiful, it makes up for the difficulty.