Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 4 From Auburn to Truckee

Wow, what a day! Took us almost the whole day to get from Auburn to Truckee.. we left at 6:30 this morning and arrived at 4:30 this afternoon - it was a day full of lots of climbing (oooh... fondly reminded me of the Santa Cruz mountains), lots of great scenary, and a real cool museum about Donner Pass. I enjoyed watching a video on the wagons that tried to come over the mountains (a short cut) but only about half the people survived (and some resorted to canabolism). I feel like I am learning more about the USA as I go... which is really part of what I wanted out of this trip. The climbing wasn't too bad today but I am ready for a nap! The weather was super nice - not too hot and not too cold through the mountains. Our trip leader was telling us that they have never had good weather on I-80E to Truckee and through Donner Pass... they had years with snow, rain, and conditions that were so bad that they had to get off the road until it cleared up. So, I was expecting the worse... and.... it was really nice with blue skies! Yay us!

So, my legs are feeling great, my spirits are high, and I am having so much fun. I feel so lucky to get to wake up tomorrow and ride again - life can't get better than that!! I actually met a guy, Richard, who is biking to Providence, Rhode Island after the trip and I am thinking of joining him. I am still looking for someone who wants to bike BACK to San Fran with me but I haven't had any takers (I am only partially kidding here!!) :) Then again, I am only 4 days into the trip so we will see how I feel as the days go on! I love this trip and love the challenge of climbing - I actually wish there were more nice climbs on the trip... ahh well.. I'll enjoy whatever we have because I get to be out and on my bike everyday with some great folks! Life is good.

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