Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 2 From Fairfeild to Sacramento

Today was an awesome day - the weather was amazing - nice and warm but not too hot all day. We had an easy 53 mile ride into Sacramento along some nice smooth country roads and many well paved bike paths. I have never riden so flat!! We were flying with a nice tail wind... and with only 53 miles to go all day - we decided to all stop and hang out in Davis for awhile. The campus at Davis is beautiful!! The day was filled with nice conversations and an easy relaxed pace, which was great for me since my right knee is a little sore. I am not sure why but I am babying it as best as I can and praying for the best!

Despite the easy ride day, it seemed to be a busy day. Part of that was coordinating getting together with my family for dinner, which was a blast. My parents, my Aunt Carol, Uncle Brooks, Aunt Joyce, Counsin Anika and Cousin-in-law Michael all joined me and my group for dinner at a Mexican restaurant! It is always good to spend time with them and it was really nice to see Aunt Carol and Uncle Brooks who are visiting from Germany for Ani's graduation. The evening was filled with great laughter, good food, good wine/drinks, and some singing! We had a ball. My parents took me to a drug store afterwards to get a couple braces for my knee to try out. It was nice to have a drive in the car since all the places we have been haven't really passed by any big stores to get anything. So, that was a blessing! And I gave my mom some of the stuff I didn't need and she gave me a few things I did need and forgot.

My mom also brought me some state maps so I can map out where we are everyday.. when riding on country roads, it is hard to orientate myself to where we are.

Here is a picture of Sarge, our man from Trinidad. He has a webcam on his helmet so all of trinidad can see his trip across America - I road with him for part of the day.

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