Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 15 From Price, Utah to Green River, Utah - 67 miles

Today was another fantastic day - I needed a fantastic day after yesterday. The scenary was again beautiful with canyons surrounding the road at different points - beautiful! We left really early this morning since we knew there would be some road work and no shoulder to ride on so our leaders wanted us to avoid any major traffic through that section... we didn't have much traffic, which was nice and the section without a shoulder was short (we've had many sections with little or no shoulder and it hasn't been too bad... the cars and trucks are courteous and careful). The road waas not quite smooth but the terrain was mostly downhill or flat so the day went quick. We were in before noon and I had a shower and nap by 1:30pm - that was perfect because the day was getting hotter and hotter and there was no shade on the route). A group is going to the Arches National Park but I am going to relax at the hotel room and have some down time. I haven't had much time alone so I think I'll watch a movie and enjoy relaxing!

I rode much of the day with John and Amy, a couple from Buffalo, New York. They are a real joy to spend time with and talk with. I enjoy having them along on the trip. Below is a video of them, so you can get to know them a little too! John is also pictured above trying to get the best photo by laying on the ground! I hope the photo turned out well :)


Unknown said...

Great to hear that you had a good day and are taking some time to relax. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you have been riding everyday! You're amazing, how do you do it?

My sister had her baby on Friday the 13th, hehe. All went well and Samantha is soooo cute!

- Natalie

Anonymous said...

Yo! Yo!

What up, Sooper Star?!

Are you nerd enough to have actually named your bike yet?

Thanks for sending me the blog. You are traveling in a part of the country I don’t know much about and it looks fantastic. I am jealous. One of my favorite things about the trip was realizing how big and varied America is. You are currently riding through what I considered the "gawdy" beauty and grandeur of the West. Its incredible. It becomes a bit more subtle in the midwest but, being from Iowa, I'll hold my little piece of beauty up to all others and call it better. Each region, each state holds it own flavor and they are all good.

So, even on the crappy days, try to absorb what you can and know that you will process it later.

I havent read the whole thing yet but I assume I get a "shout out" in your blog at some point. Make it happen.

Go... keep going... and go some more,


Richard J. Gibson, MSW, LGSW
Adoption Supervisor
Children's Home Society & Family Services

Jalyn said...

I was away in New York for a couple of days, and just caught myself up on your blogs. I am glad that your travels are going well. Enjoy yourself, it looks like you are meeting fabulous people. Oh and how exciting to catch up with Becky, that was fantastic! I love you and look forward to every new post!

Unknown said...

Hey Audrey,
I finally caught up on reading your blog. I am both really happy for you and incredibly jealous. Thanks for the excited phone call, I put it on speakerphone and David and I listened to it together- it sounded awesome.
Keep having fun!
p.s. you don't have to be a nerd to name our bike.
p.p.s. we had another fire on one of our favortie routes. I'm going to go check it out today, so I extra miss you.