Monday, June 16, 2008

From Green River, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado - 96 miles

We arrived in Colorado - three states complete and now in our fourth state. This has been the best day so far! I couldn't have had any more fun. I had an awesome sleep the last night and felt like a million bucks. The scenary was gorgeous, yet again, with more canyons in view and the beautiful strong flowing Colorado River on our right. We had very hot weather today - I think it was in the 100s at some point. I felt strong and so glad to be on this ride. I rode about 3/4 of the day alone, which I really enjoyed because I got to go my own pace and be mindful of the beauty around me. I met up with John and Amy and Skip for the last part of the ride (Skip is pictured in front of the Colorado river... he is one of my favorite guys here... I really enjoy him... he lives in Las Vegas and has worked as a lawyer and still does part-time . . . I am pretty sure we'll keep in contact for future rides or other outdoor adventures!)... we had a good time together. The first sag stop was also a party in and of itself (gotta watch the video) and the next sag stop had cold diet cokes for us -- it was a God sent in the heat. We rode about 96 miles today on rolling terrain and I got my first flat in the last 1/4 of a mile from the hotel so I walked it in and had the mechanic fix it (I figured he was better at it than me!) I actually was making constant jokes at the 2nd sag stop that I will never get a flat on this trip and haven't gotten one yet... hahaa... so jokes on me :)

When we were about 10 miles into Colorado, we met a trail angel along the way with cold ice cream for us - her name was Sue and she had done this ride with America by Bicycle before and is from Grand Junction - her treat was such a surprised and a real delight! The day just kept getting better.

We got a ride to the bike store and I was able to pick up another tank top for the hot weather. I enjoyed dinner laughs with everyone and felt like I got as much of a workout laughing at dinner as I did riding today! I looking forward to another great sleep tonight and a great day tomorrow - life is sooo good! :)


Unknown said...

Wonderful report. Way to go! I enjoyed your enjoyment of this day.
You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and the scenery sounds beautiful...look forward to St. Joe.

A GREAT package will be awaiting you in two days.

Love MOM