Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 42 – From Wooster, Ohio to Youngstown, Ohio – 102.5 miles

Today was another great day – Ohio is truly very beautiful… I have been surprised with how pretty it is and I am really enjoying it. We had many hills that I really enjoyed – there were also periods without any hills so it balanced out. The ride today was only 95 miles but I decided to add a few miles to make it a century… one more century to go and then I’ll have done 4 in a row… it’s fun. It gives me something to focus on as the days pass by and I am enjoying that. I rode today with Danny most of the day and a few others here and there. I had a good time. When we got into town, we went to Walmart and then to an ice cream shop for our extra miles (and went over 100 miles… oh well…). Anyway, I met a local couple there who said that this town is basically in existence because of General Motors and some other company that I forget the name of… anyway, I always find it interesting what people do in certain towns. It is kinda crappy town, in my opinion, or at least the roads are the worst I’ve seen yet! Horrible… why don’t they maintain their roads I wonder? They are really bad and often there was no shoulder and we couldn’t ride far enough to the right because there were potholes all over the place… kinda dangerous actually. But we all made it here alive.

We had great weather again today – I guess I can say for sure that our weather angel has been with us – it was a little hotter today but not too hot – super nice.

I have been enjoying the end of the ride and it’s exciting that we are getting close to the end. Oh and I met a couple with a new puppy who was sooo cute – it made my day to get to hold the puppy and eat ice cream – life doesn’t get better than that!

Another great thing is that Charlie, who rode with us from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, Utah is joining us for dinner tonight with his wife, Joyce. They live only 30 miles from here! It is great to see him… Charlie is such a fun guy :)

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting… it is so good to here from you all!


Unknown said...

Just wrote a comment and it seems to have disappeared. Maybe it will show up. And maybe it won't.

dan mckinnon said...

Hi there!
Sounds like your blending into the group much better. Im glad to here that. The ride really would have been long riding it solo.
Miriam is still taking good care of me. Janette has completely left me alone.
I sure miss are little chit chats. (venting sessions).
Im proud of you.
I'll check in on you soon.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
What a blessing and a pleasure
To/have a daughter like you!

May today and tomorrow be great fun for you, my dear.