Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 41 – Marysville, Ohio to Wooster, Ohio – 104 miles

Today was another fantastic day – the weather was perfect… not too hot, not too humid – ideal! I rode all day by myself and had a great time! Ohio is an interesting state – there is a lot of agriculture, such as soy beans, corn, and wheat and yet it is absolutely beautiful… instead of being flat, like Kansas, it is rolling with lots of trees and wooded areas surrounding the farms. There are also lots of creeks and small ponds by the homes. There are homes everywhere – they are all well maintained and beautifully landscaped. There are lots of large lawns that all are nicely mowed – they keep them up great – thus I counted about 10 people mowing there lawns today as I rode by. People seem to take pride in having a beautiful home, garden, and surrounding area. Today there were many signs for different outdoor camps off the road – Ohio seems like a great place for outdoorsy adventure type camps.

We ended up having some major hills today, which I really enjoyed. I love the variety and change in scenery as we go through different states and areas. Its so fun.

I do have to borrow a wheel for the rest of my trip because my crappy wheel isn’t gonna work anymore and the bike shop wont replace it until they see it to make sure that I didn’t do anything myself to crack it… oh that would have been a brilliant idea… annoying… anyway, at least our tour leaders have extra wheels for me to borrow until the end of the trip and then I can deal with the bike shop when I get back.

Bob, who got injured awhile back, lives in Wooster, Ohio and joined us for the afternoon and dinner this evening with his wife. It was great to see him! He seems to be doing well but isn’t able to cycle yet – he is still healing up! It was obviously hard for him to not be with us on the trip but I am just happy that he is healing and safe – that is the most important thing!

So, we have now done 2 centuries in a row and the next two days are close to centuries so I am going to ride the extra 5-8 miles in order to have 4 centuries in a row. I also had the BRILLIANT idea of maybe doing an entire week of centuries on our last week of riding but that didn’t go over as well with other riders – especially since we are going through the mountains in Vermont and New York… well, it was just an idea… maybe the mountains won’t be soo bad??? We’ll see!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey!
You are crazy! A whole week of centuries!! Hehe. Thanks for all of your kind words about our visit in your blog, I REALLY LOVED seeing you! I felt bad that I kept you up past your bedtime, but I secretly wanted to keep talking all night.

Every time we get to spend time together and realize how lucky I am to have a friend that I can be so connected to and then I get really sad that our lives have taken us far away from each other.

I was surprised to read it was Asha's B-day this week, I am glad that you lived the day to the fullest for her.

It sounds from your entries that you have pushed through some of the mental hurdles of the long trip and exhaustion. I was glad to read that! Did that guy ever get better after drinking the pedialite? Also do you want me to send you some bike shorts?? I have an REI near me if you find some on line that you like I can go to the store and overnight them to you. Let me know.

Also did you ever get a hold of the hotel I sent the package to? Let me know if you didn't and I will try to track it down.

I love and miss you!!!

Unknown said...

Great to hear that you like my home state, Ohio. I grew up in Cleveland but can't say I saw very much of the state. So I'm enjoying it now through your eyes. I'm sure a week of centuries won't slow you down. You go, girl! And meditate.

Unknown said...

Hi my dear,

4 centuries in a row...amazing!!
Well Ricardo Luke and Adrianna spent the night last night and actually slept all night. We were really lucky.

Everything here is going well and I actually feel excited about your coming birthday even though you are far away. I hope it will be a very special day for you.

Your blog is marvellous to read and brings smiles to those of us who enjoy it.

Today dad and I are going to a wedding...Chris Watrud is remarrying and I'm truly happy for him. It will be at monastery beach in Carmel.

Enjoy your day...clearly your weather angel is active every minute.

Love to you,