Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 39 - From Indianapolis, Indiana to Richmond, Indiana - 85 miles

Today was fantastic, incredible, amazing... and, uh, exciting! We enjoyed leaving Indianapolis with Skip as our guide since he grew up there until he went to college... he gave us a tour of the houses he grew up in and got us off the main traffic infested route 40. We enjoyed a relatively flat ride with a tailwind - spectacular! I rode part of the day alone and part of the day with Skip. It was exciting because we got to ride through so many towns... the towns are all close together... so thats really nice. We decided to take a detour route through Richmond and enjoyed seeing their beautiful park that had a golf course, a rose garden, and just a windy, beautiful road through.
We met some great local people along the way and were welcomed by the people of Indiana - including Amy, who was at our sag stop at the post office in Dunreith - hello Amy!

Once we arrived at the Holiday Inn in Richmond, Skip and I still had plenty of energy so we went to explore the town of Richmond and to visit the rose garden (oh not so great.. the rose beds need to be adopted!) We talked with some locals and visited the local natural spring with we filled up our water bottles and many people from the town came to get water. We enjoyed seeing the fireman spraying the local kids with the fire hose - I told them they belonged in California where their efforts are needed! We had a great time. We get free access to a local gym so Skip and I are going to take a yoga class there tonight. My favorite thing is to go and explore a new town and so today was sooo much fun! We took funny photos and had a good ole time and rode about an extra 12 miles... nice nice :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey,
I am glad to see that you had a fun couple of days. I finally got a job! Yay! No benefits, but good pay. I am now a polysomnographic scoring technician. I always wanted a big title. Basically, I stare at squiggly lines all day and determine which state of sleep the person is in. Boring! The office is fun though. I will take it for now! Well, I am off to bed early. My day starts at 7AM and you know how much of a morning person I am!

Unknown said...

Terrific shot of you holding a bucket in a gazebo. I clicked on the picture to enlarge it and the larger version was much better (but my computer takes forever to load the larger pictures, but worth it). Were you soliciting donations or what? You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Dear Audrey!
Hope this finds you well and fit! I was so blessed to meet you yesterday at the Dunreith Post Office.I am glad your experiences in Indiana have been positive. I just spent some time this afternoon reading your whole blog. I really enjoyed it!!! I agree about western Kansas but where my son lives is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing your experiences--I will never do a bike ride so I will live it through you!!! Take care and you and the group will be in my prayers...I'll keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey, Don't know hwy this doesn't post all the time, so this is now going to be short. Yes, California really neds those firetrucks and firemen. Here in the Valley it is hangin overhead making it difficult to breathe and visibility at 1/4 mile. No one's running, biking or kayaking. Besides the unhealthy air, it's 102-110 each day . Last night it was still 94 at 10:00 last night. Now I know much of the country is always this was in the summer, but we aren't used to that here.

You are going to be bored when you get back home, I bet. You'll just have to bike up to visit me in Sacramento. Ha, ha! I may head down to Santa Cruz next weekend just to get out of this smoke. I guess I should let your parents know. Tee hee! Take care, A.Joyce