Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 37 - Rest Day in Indianapolis, Indiana - 0 miles

Today was my most rested rest day. I woke up around 6am and spent several hours doing various things SLOWLY - laundry, blogging, organizing photos, and enjoying a nice full breakfast at the hotel with other cyclists. A few cyclists who sagged in yesterday due to the pending weather doom, decided to go into together on a shuttle to the previous town and do the route today - I wished them good luck and good weather. I know the ones who went were excited to go.
So I just enjoyed today - I got a cab to go to a bike shop to get some new bike shorts... I am suppose to have 4 pairs and my SCTA shorts are tearing at the seams... not sure why... but they are pretty new so must be pretty crappy - the bike shop didn't have any great apparel, though their website said they had the most in the city of Indianapolis. They were very nice there and were helpful in explaining why my left hand feels like it isn't working well... they said that happens a lot with long distance cycling and I found a pair of new gloves that might be able to help. My left hand is so weak that its hard to shift... so I hope these gloves help.

After returning to the hotel and grabbing a snack, I went on a personal walking tour of the town of Indianapolis - it is super cute! The monuments are amazing and the walkway, riverwalk, gardens, and museums were enjoyable. This is a great city to go to if you are really into sports - it is home of the NCAA, the Speedway, and several other stadiums that are for some important sport... not sure what cause I am not too into them. I also enjoyed some good conversations with my mom, dad, and friends whom I haven't had a chance to catch up with until today. It was very humid out today so after about 3-4 hour out around town, I came back and enjoyed watching a comedy movie in the personal home theater at the hotel with a nice blanket and big comfy chairs - truly restful I tell ya! Then I headed to the hot tub to read more of a great book I am reading... so nice.

Now I am headed off to a reception at the hotel - some wine and italian food with some fellow riders' company - a great way to spend a rest day! I feel ready to begin my adventure again tomorrow... continuing my tour of the country... and now the East Coast... by bike (in case you didn't know... hahaha!).


Unknown said...

Hey Audrey, hope you get a pool swim in on your day of rest . . . remember you are a Triathlete! Speaking of which do you want us to organize a fundraiser to send you a new pair of SCTA shorts?

Unknown said...

I feel much better now that you have had a good day of rest, and much less confused about what day it is. Some of the things you are pointing out (shorts ripping, hand numb)are things that every new rider should be told about before starting out. Hope your tour leaders are updating their handouts. You go, girl!

DCDierking said...


Good morning. Sounds like you have handlebar palsy, which is a nevre overuse problem. See http://www.sportsinjurybulletin.com/archive/cycling-injuries.html for more information.

I don't know how much the gloves will help your hand, since it is related to the shock and vibration your hands are transmitting to your wrist, elbows and ulnar nerve. My suggestion would be to get Aerobars so you can still ride and have your forearms absorb some of the shock and vibration your hands are transmitting to your wrist and elbows. Also, a wrist splint worn at night may decrease aggravating the condition and anti-inflammatory medications(ibuprofen or aspirin) should help.

Unfortunately, handlebar palsy won't go away until you're done with the ride and can take a couple of weeks off from riding.

See you when you get back to Santa Cruz.

Take care,


P.S. Kathy says "Hi!"

Jalyn said...

It was so good to her from you. I look forward to figuring out plans when you finish the ride, it will be nice to have a visit, even if short. Enjoy your ride today after the much anticipated rest day. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your travels through the East Coast.
Love you