Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 27 – From McPherson, Kansas to Abilene, Kansas – 63 miles

Last night it stormed and stormed and stormed. It still looked stormy when I walked out of my hotel room this morning – uh oh! I asked our tour leader, Andy, “what happened to our weather angel? It left us mid-way through the ride?!?” I would be eating those words later because it cleared up during breakfast and it was much cooler out (in the 80s instead of the 90s and 100s) and we had a tail wind! WOWZERS! I ended up deciding that I don’t like riding all alone so I decided to speed up a little and surprised myself with how fast I can really go when I want to (I started out later than everyone because I had a hotel flat… flat #2). I also had one goal today (besides riding) – do laundry! My stuff stinks and I don’t have any clean socks or underwear – so I was first to get my laundry in – goal accomplished! I forgot – today was the half way point for the ride – YIPEE! We were all very excited about that and got some great photos.

The scenery has changed a lot too – it is definitely getting prettier as we head East. John stated in his blog “So, why has the US decided to KEEP Kansas? I am sure someone could take it off our hands”, which I agreed with completely and thought was hysterical. But after today, I think there might be some redeeming value to this state. There were more rolling hills… lots of green and rivers and we road on a nice country road most of the way – very lovely!

I arrived in Abilene with plenty of energy. I did laundry and had a great talk with my friend, Michelle. Unfortunately my phone died and then I realized I don’t have a charger – I must have left it in a hotel – I think I get the prize for the most items left in a hotel – so far I’ve left my IPOD, a book, and now my cell phone charger! GEEZ LOUSIZE! I also went for a 6 mile run through the town – saw some pretty sights – this is a relatively nice town. I wish I had had my camera to take photos. This is the home of the Greyhound, the dog, and there are greyhound places everywhere that house them… similar to a horse stable but smaller. There were also trucks that look like the trucks that transport cows to the slaughter but they are smaller… I think they are for the greyhounds to go to the racetrack… maybe!


Unknown said...

Good report! Glad you have made it halfway. Always do your laundry before you see your mother!
You go, girl!

Jalyn said...

Aud, finally half way done... that i so exciting. I hope you continue to have great weather and safe rides! I love hearing about your journey's through the individual states, hopefully it will get more exciting once you leave Kansas!!!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Thank god you are through Kansas!I'm glad to hear that your spirits are lifting, know that there are many people thinking about you back home and rooting you on.
Love Ani :)