Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 25 - Dodge City to Grent Bend, Kansas - 85 miles

Today was soooo easy - the road was about as flat as a pancake, we had a soft wind at our backs, and the scenary hasn't changed so much. We hit the USA midway point, though the midway point for our ride isn't until tomorrow. I rode with Tom most of the day, which was really nice since I have been riding alone too much to my liking lately, and it was nice to have a good conversation as we were riding. My spirits are lifting back up (felt a little sad and homesick for a few days) and I am feeling greatful again that I get to ride everyday... even if its through Kansas! It's neat to see how different parts of the country can be!

I am excited to see my mom in a few days, who is coming into St. Joseph, Missouri. She is leaving tomorrow and I'll get to see her on Sunday. That will be nice.

One of my fellow riders, John, has a shirt he bought here that says "Dear Dorothy - Hate Oz, Took the Shoes, Find your Own Way Home - Toto" - I love it!


Unknown said...

Have a great time with your mom!! So glad that she is coming to visit. I really miss our conversations on the phone while at work. Keep up the awesome work.


Unknown said...

Great to hear your spirits are up. Keep them up! We cancelled our weekly ride in the Los Altos area tomorrow (Friday) because of poor air quality. Too many fires in northern CA. Hope to bike July 4, in Santa Cruz where the air is better. More pleasant scenery is coming. You go, girl!