Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 23 - From Lamar, Colorado to Garden City, Kansas - 104 miles

We have arrived - in Kansas, that is! And strange things happen in Kansas, according to Skip (such as bicycles growing on trees?). I guess we have a lot to look forward to in this state... strange things... not scenary! Today was another long ride - 104 miles and it took every inch of me and my dear butt (which I think officially hates me now~ :) I am feeling stronger and stronger with every mile - I did feel kinda quesy after some soft serve Dairy Queen, so I am still needing to take an easy on my stomach - plain pastas, plain bread, crackers. The last 25 miles had some headwinds and sidewinds, which were not very appreciated, though dealt with! We left early this morning at 6:30am in order to finish our ride before the thunderstorms hit Garden City around 3pm or so. It is already 3:30 and no thunderstorms to be seen or rain for that matter.... oh well... its always good to get an early start and hear the rosters crowing as you ride :)
So, instead of racing George (our fastest rider... I think he is in by noon or 11am everyday!), I decided to race some cows across their field! It was really funny... I was with John and Amy riding along and a group of about 10 cows came running toward the fence - I screamed "I'll race ya!" And the cows came running along the fence as if we were racing... we left them in the dust (granted we were on bikes and they were running) but it made me feel good to leave SOMEONE in the dust... I guess that is what you do for fun in Kansas :)

As I crossed yet another farm, field, factory, cows, and small small towns, I was thinking about how so much of the food we eat is made and processed in places like Kansas and yet I have no idea what actually happens - I feel quite naive. As I see all the equipment on the fields and see plants, like the Tyson plant, and the many many cow feed lots, I wonder what happens in the life of a farmer, the cows, the corn, and how the food we eat gets to the table. I have a real interest in farming - not enough to be a farmer (well, there is a career idea :) but interested probably because it effects my daily life and yet I know nothing. Maybe I could marry a farmer and live in Kansas - OR NOT!

It was a pleasure to get in this afternoon and have so many comments from family and friends! I have been feeling especially home sick today and missing people, so thank you for commenting! I could just be so worn out that I miss home or maybe "There is No Place Like Home" is ringing in my ears as I pass by another corn field or farm and is getting to me! Or maybe it's the time change... we did enter the Central Time Zone today, though its only an hour in time difference (our second time change as we cross across the country.. one more time zone to go! :)
Please everyone keep our dear friend, Bob, in your thoughts and prayers, as he continues at the hospital in Pueblo. We miss him on the trip here and are all eager to hear good news of his quick recovery. I am so thankful that he is doing better and would appreciate you all thinking of him and his family during this time.


Unknown said...

Hi Audrey. I'm glad to be able to say my dad's [Bob] condition is much improved. He's still in the hospital in Pueblo, CO but getting good care.

We're posting updates at [blog dot haugh dot net in case blogspot truncates the link] if anyone is interested. Thanks for your words - they're much appreciated by family & friends.

Unknown said...

Good to hear that Bob is getting better. Loved your race with the cows and hope you will be content not to race with the fastest in your group. You've done amazingly well thus far and I'm thoroughly enjoying riding with you vicariously. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

So sorry I couldn't talk long when I heard from you earlier. More importantly, I'm so glad you won the race with the cows. Whew! My butt is sore just thinking of how far you have gone on your bike. Someone asked a question this evening about how long the tread on a bike will last. Good question since it is so thin, but I assume it can last for about 4000 miles. See if any of the cyclists have an answer for that. Have a great ride tomorrow. Love you, Be safe! Aunt Joyce