Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 21 - Rest Day in Pueblo, Colorado

Today was a scheduled rest day in Pueblo, Colorado and was much needed. I woke up dizzy and lightheaded - probably a bit dehydrated but was also hungry, which was a good sign. I had a nice breakfast of a plain bagel and oatmeal, which agreed with my stomach well. I went across the street to Walmart to get some Propel to rehydrate and also got a new piece of luggage since mine is falling apart (duct-tape only works so well). About 1pm, I started to feel close to 100% again. I watched some Lifetime movies in the hotel and cleaned my bike thoroughly (it looks like new). I also had the pleasure of catching up with some dear friends on the phone. I have a room to myself for the last time tonight. I am going to get a good nights rest and be ready for our 120 plus mileage day tomorrow and last day in Colorado.

So I will take it slow tomorrow - I can always go to Sarge's daycare - okay, Sarge's daycare has become somewhat of a joke here in our group. Sarge is from Trinidad and will leave no man behind! He has a following of about 4 or so other riders who are "slower" and/or less experienced. He watches over them, makes sure they drink and eat, and they even have songs they make up as they ride - they might even have a nap time but I am not sure since I haven't ever been in Sarge's daycare. The joke is that Deb drops her husband, Gary, off at Sarge's daycare to take care of him for the day while she rides a MUCH faster pace. Deb is a very strong rider and Gary is a brand new rider so Sarge's daycare takes good care of Gary and anyone else who wants to join their crew - the sick, the injured, or those needing a little humor and song to get them through the day! Whatever you need - Sarge's daycare will provide it and I know they will be there for me tomorrow if I need them! Oh and Sarge always says "THE MOOSE IS LOOSE!" - Not sure what that is about but in the photo is Sarge and Steve, who are the Core of Sarge's daycare!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good thoughts - I am healing up and looking forward to riding on my bike tomorrow - my legs are wondering why I haven't riden in 2 days!! :)


Unknown said...

Hope you didn't get that virus from me over the Internet. Wash your hands after you read this. I'm feeling a little better today. It was blistering hot in Santa Cruz yesterday and today it was 92 degrees, with two short bursts of rain! During one burst, the electricity went out very briefly, but just enough to knock out my computer. I didn't lose any data and it restarted normally. Get well and ride strong! But always remember that your health comes first and be good to yourself. You go, girl!

Brian Cox said...


Good to hear that you are on the mend. Have a great ride tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, we just got back from Mexico and it was very cool to read up on how your trip has been going. It sounds so incredible!!! It must have been horrible to be so sick, but I’m very glad that you took care of yourself and took the time off that your body needed. You have amazing strength...and I don't just mean your body!
I love you and miss you and am so glad I can follow along with you on your journey.