Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 19 - From Gunnison, Colorado to Salida, Colorado - 66 miles

Up up and away! Today we climbed the highest mountain yet, Monarch pass - I could feel the elevation gain as I climbed. The climb was gradual for 9 miles and then we had a 26 mile downhill all the way to Salida - pretty good trade off I must say (photo right is taken by me of me climbing up the last mile... breathe... breathe... breathe and get any breathe you can up there!). I took my time up the mountain but got in a rhythm and didn't stop - I looked for the snow and headed up to it. It was a nice day - not too hot, not too cold. Unfortunately 5-7 people (not sure how many) were out sick with something - we aren't sure what but they were throwing up and having diarrahea. We are now not allowed to have any food that isn't packaged now at sag stops to eliminate the spread of germs. Today was one of the most beautiful ride days so I felt blessed to feel good and strong.

For those who follow along with my blog religiously, you may be wondering where my blog was last night? Well, I finished the ride at 1:30pm and didn't feel so great. I took a shower and went for a nap. I felt nauceous throughout my nap - I ended up throwing up all afternoon and evening - it was the worst sickness I've felt in a long time and I couldn't even keep down an ounce of water without throwing it up... I was really thirsty and couldn't drink. It was hard to be alone in a room all by myself and be so sick. I called my mom and asked her prayer group to pray for me since I want to ride EVERY FANTASTIC INCH (not miss any of the ride) but based on how I was feeling, I couldn't even get out of my bed, nevertheless walk or get on a bike. Luckily, one of our riders, Rose, is a doctor and she came in and checked in on me several times throughout the evening. I took some Pepto Bismo but couldn't keep it down. She gave me some medicine and she said it would probably help with the naucea and I took it at 9pm and used all my mental power not to throw it up. I ended up keeping it down and it's now about 4am and I feel much better. I am still a little light headed from throwing up all night but I have been drinking Propel (lots of it) and even ate something without any problem. I think I'll be able to ride today - not sure but I'll give it a try if I keep feeling better. The main thing is to get some fluids and food into my body so I am working on that this early morning and taking whatever I can stomach. Send prayers and good thoughts my way that I stay healthy and continue to be healthy! Health is soooo important.

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Unknown said...

Hope you feel better. I will be sending you all positive thoughts. What an amazing experience you are having. I am loving reading your blog. It is truly insiprational.

Thinking of you,