Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 35 – From Springfield, Illinois to Crawfordsville, Indiana – 82 miles

Today was just lovely! I felt like I had a renewed spirit after visiting with Sarah yesterday. The weather today was very nice – cool and not too hot. We entered another state, Indiana, wow – we are moving along quick! We also entered the last time zone – Eastern Time! I enjoyed the shorter day of 82 miles and look forward to an even shorter day tomorrow and then our rest day. I am ready for a day of rest. It was relatively flat today without much wind so it went fast.

I was aware that today is my sister, Asha’s, birthday – she passed away about 10 years ago and would be 29 today. It was ironic that we passed by soooo many cemeteries today – too many to count! Well, I am aware of her absent often and felt myself living today as fully as possible in honor of her – since she
can’t be here to do things like this herself… granted, she never would ride across the country and is probably looking down from heaven and wonder what got into me! HAHAHA!

Another thing that we see a lot of here is people mowing their lawns… lots of lawns and lots of need fo
r mowing them. I need to start keeping count of how many people we pass mowing their lawns everyday…. I think maybe about 20 – it feels like a lot! And as I passed one town in Indiana, a father and his sons were using their lawn mowers as a mode of transportation… that works!


Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey. I just realized today on my 10 mile run, that I have been posting all my comments at the very end of your blog not at the end of section where I should be logging them. Anyway so if you felt that I have been keeping up with you, all my enteries are there. I can't believe that I am saying this but I feel fully ready and able for my 1/2 iron. Today I swam to the 4th buoy (my legs were tired so I felt like I had a flat tire the first 400 meters) then I ran 10 miles I had a hard time at mile 4 1/2 & 7 1/2 but when I stopped at mile 10 I knew that I could totally do 3-4 mile if I had to.
While out running, I ran into Robert & Dawn on their bikes on the back side of Natural Bridges. I ran to from my house, in front of the whale, west cliff to wilder & back (or so) for 10 miles.
I debated about doing my run tomorrow but it will be nice to have a rest day. I had to cancel my ride with Annie & rode with Lori. I kicked her butt taking her on Larkin Valley. Annie wanted to go Mt Charley but I hardley got any sleep the night before and knew that a hard 4 hr ride wouldn't be smart so I had a moderate ride instead.
Sorry I have missed your phone calls. I have called back & left a few messages..
xo c

Unknown said...

I'm totally confused. You may be in a different time zone, but it's still Monday today. Glad that you now consider 80 miles a short ride. Hope the east coast will agree with you. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

HI Audrey,

I'm catching up with your adventures from Kansas to now. yeah - glad you're speeding along. I love the pix you include...feels like I'm there! I hope your diaper rash disappears quick...yikes, that's not fun at all.

We had a fun run through Big Basin recently - it was my annual birthday run, plus it was Terri's birthday we had a great time, 7 in all, running the 12-13 miles from park headquarters out to the beach. Then had a nice breakfast in Davenport afterwards. we were talking about you and your adventure! Terri was telling us of your tshirt in Kansas...very funny!

Have fun! We're thinking about you all the time!!

Sherri :-)