Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 31 – From St. Joseph, MO to Chillicothe, MO – 92 miles

Today was another rolly day through Missouri – lots of ups and downs! We went through Amish country in Jamesport, MO. We saw many horses and buggies and even stopped in to get pie at an Amish bakery and to look at the quilts at an Amish shop. I learned that the Amish’s first language is German and they don’t learn English until they enter school. I had no idea! I asked if someone who isn’t Amish can enter the Amish community and they said yes, they are an open community. I am fascinated by these communities and would love to spend a week there and see what its like.

Our group enjoyed the cookies Sister Audrey made for us and told me over and over again how much they liked them – they were all gone at the first Sag Stop… almost everyone got at least one! I missed my mom today, after spending time with her, but also have a great group here, so that helps! I enjoyed riding today with John, Amy, and Sue and also rode with other people periodically throughout the day.

We saw the beginning of the flooding as we got closer to Chillicothe today (picture on the left is a flooded field). We’ll see how things go for us as we get closer to the Mississippi River.

Four new people joined our ride today – a grandfather and grandson pair and another pair who are riding a tandem. I haven’t gotten to know any of them yet but hopefully I will at dinner tonight.

I am beat and hopefully will get a nap before the route rap tonight. I am also doing laundry since I didn’t get a chance on my rest day and it is much needed! My bike also needs cleaning but its not going to happen today.


columbus said...

Hi Audrey,
This is the third time I've tried to send a message...I'm so non-techy! Your blog is fantastic and I am so jealous...what a grand adventure you are on. Your day
with your mom sounded wonderful, and the photos are great.
Big hugs to you!

Unknown said...

I thought you were supposed to give your mom all of your dirty laundry and have her wash, iron, and forward. Are you meditating? While riding? I did 15 minutes yesterday and got too restless -- but it was a good 15 minutes. You go, girl!

Jalyn said...

Wow, the Amish county that you visited sounds fascinating. It seems no matter where you are you are making friends! I hope the flooding doesn't disrupt your route. I look forward to hearing all about the second half of your journey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey,

I thought I'd write you before I leave town. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your mom and Sister Mary Audrey, and I love reading the illustrated story of Audrey Cycles America. I think we're all going to miss the story when you get home, although we'll be super happy to see you. I can't believe you're more than half way there!


Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey,I recognized Sr. Mary Audrey as soon as I saw that picture. I remember seeing her when I went to Clyde, MO as a teenager to visit your mom when she was there, You are right; she hasn't chanded much.

As Jayln said, You make friends wherever you go because you are interested in people and life and cultures. You are surely blessed to have such an openess about you that people are drawn to you-because you ARE what they SEE, and seem to find beauty in diverse ways. What a great writer you are too. I enjoy reading your blog.
Enjoy tomorrow. Miss you, Aunt Joyce