Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 6 from Sparks, Nevada to Lovelock, Nevada - 91 miles

We arrived today in Lovelock, Nevada (you could also refer to it as the middle of nowhere Nevada). We rode about 75 miles today on the Interstate 80E - which was a lot of highway riding. The scenary was beautiful and I rode a lot of it alone since the cars were so loud and you couldn't talk with anyone with the strong winds. I put on sunscreen three times today but still got burnt on my face, though I think it is wind burn. The weather has been nice - mid-70s across Nevada is good. The road was quite flat and we had a nice country road for the last 12 miles and I had some good companions to chat along the last section. I arrived in Lovelock about 2pm and cleaned my bike, did my meditation, and hung out with everyone and did laundry. We had some good conversations over beers and pretzels --- oh the life on the road! It couldn't be better :) We had a group discussion about pacelines, a nice dinner at Sturgeon's and now we are all getting ready for bedtime (or reading or what not). I found the only two postcards in Lovelock to mail to my neice and nephew... small towns are so funny. Off we go to Winnemucca tomorrow and there is suppose to be a town festival happening - yipee.

Its amazing how times flies through the days - sometimes we get in as early as 1 or 2pm and by the time we get showered, maybe take a nap, do laundry, clean our bikes, or something, it is already time for our route rap and then dinner. However, I never feel rushed... we have enough time to do everything, which is nice and really relaxing - I guess that is what vacation is all about :)


Unknown said...

Hi Audrey, it's me again! I am getting my nightly does of Audrey. I was thinking you should start including the mileage in the title of your post, like Day 5 Form Truckeer to Sparks, - 91 miles. I am totally fascinated by the distances you are going. Tomorrow is the Showdown at Sundown. Hopefully, we will again!

Unknown said...

Hi Audrey, its Josh in Santa Cruz wishing you a fantastic ride across America. If you are back in August and still single, you can join for a "singles and solos" wine tour of Napa with Backroads. Might not get the same mileage each day, but we sure will drink a lot of wine :-)

Audrey Leonard said...

Hey Chelsea,

Thanks and good idea - I'll do that - I am glad you are enjoying the blogging... I hope I keep getting internet connection through all these small towns! I had trouble in Lovelock but got a little! :)

Audrey Leonard said...

Hey Josh,

Given that the average age of guys here is 60 - I will probably still be single (or REALLY desperate ... hahaha) - we do have lots of people joining us for sections of the trip... so you never know... maybe some younger ones will join... anyway, if I don't bike BACK across America.. I should be home in August and that trip sounds like fun... wine and riding... nice combination!!

:) Aud