Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 29 – From Topeka, Kansas to St. Joseph, MO – 92 miles

Today was a phenomenal day – first of all, we got to leave Kansas – so that alone made it a great day! We rode through Atchison, Kansas, the birthplace of Amelia Earhart, where the Amelia Earhart Century Ride was going on. There were about 250 riders registered and I had a great time talking to the local folks. Some of the volunteers were telling me a little about the history of Atchison. First of all, I learned that they hated Western Kansas as much as all the rest of us and have had the discussion amongst themselves about selling it to Mexico. I told them Eastern Kansas should just join Missouri and all four of them almost fell out of their chairs! It was like I just told them their mother died! So, they went on to tell me that they don’t like Missouri and there has been a civil war between themselves and Missouri for years and years and it is still going on (now through college sports!). Atchison was named for a senator in Missouri who was one of the largest slave owners and moved to Atchison to make Kansas a slave state. The local folks still resent it – okay, I get it, now!

Before I left Kansas, I decided to take one last picture of the lovely grain elevators, which truly are the Kansas Skyscrapers! When I backpacked across Northern Spain, I always knew I was entering a town because I could see the Catholic Church in the distance. But in Kansas, I always knew we were entering ANOTHER town because you could see the grain elevator in the distance. I sent my niece, Adrianna, a postcard of the Kansas Skyscrapers. Definitely one thing Kansas is known for… both in the East and in the West!

We rode over the Missouri river, truly beautiful, and entered Missouri. I really wanted to hang upside down over the sign but the sign was too high. So, I had a brilliant idea of doing a handstand next to the sign! I asked John to help me get my legs in the air and he asked if I have ever done a headstand – I told him maybe twice in my life… oh, this would be interesting! He was able to help me but I wasn’t very successful… I think maybe YOGA will be on my list for when I get back! I needed some help here J So, I finally resigned and got a upright photo of myself and Missouri. Home sweet home!

I arrived in St. Joseph, much later than I expected, due to the headwinds, sidewinds, and many many rolling hills! Missouri SHOWED US as we entered (the Show Me State Missouri) – it was blowing us back to Kansas, but we refused to go – though we entered St. Joseph’s much later than expected… the ride took only 30 minutes less than yesterday and it was 17 miles shorter! I arrived to be greeted by my mom and Sister Mary Audrey – so pleasant! We had a great dinner together and I enjoyed spending time with them. I recognized Sister Mary Audrey right away – she hasn't changed at all. I went back with them to Clyde , Missouri, where my mom and I are staying at the convent’s guesthouse. It is very nice here! I learned more about the convent last night and how it operates – very interesting. I will be spending my rest day here.


Jalyn said...

I am glad you are finally out of Kansas, enjoy your rest day. And be safe as you pick up riding the following day! I can't wait to hear all about it!
Love you.

Unknown said...

Missed your post for Sunday but enjoyed your description of today (Monday). Thanks for sharing all the pictures. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Go Audreeeeeeeeee! Wow, I've been gone two weeks and you've peddled through several large states and over a few extra large mountains! Amazing! Go Girrrrrl! I'll be back east 7/10-7/22 so I think that means I'll miss you. Bummer. You're welcome to hang at my parents place if you'd like to hang on the Cape. They'd love to have you.

chat soon!