Saturday, May 31, 2008

Adrianna Waves Goodbye & Follows Along on Her Map

I dropped by my sister's today to say goodbye to my neice and nephew and to drop off the map that I promised Adrianna so she could follow along - I also got her smily stickers so she could keep track of the route and the cities I pass through - she will also be checking her mailbox for her postcard from each city I stay in throughout the trip.... aren't they both the cutest children ever or am I just one proud aunt? They are such great kids! I'll miss 'em while I am gone.


Slanted said...

Hey it's Shannon your old upstairs friend in the Kresge apts. Before you're on the road I just had to tell you that you are truly a rockin' chica and I am so proud of you!
I love knowing that there are amazing brave and adventurous people such as you out there that I have had the privilege of spending moments with.
Best of luck on the road, and I look forward to following along on your journey on here!
Be well,

RR said...

sorry I missed you sis. don't worry, miss A told me all about it. Good luck out there. jersey on its way!